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Wiki Wiki One Day Show

April 6, 2011

One of my favorite events here in Honolulu is the Wiki Wiki One Day Show. The Wiki Wiki–meaning quick–Show is the only show dedicated to vintage Hawaiiana collectibles here in the Islands. It’s only one day and happens just twice a year, attracting antique vendors and collectors from neighbour islands as well as the west coast.

I eagerly await the show, saving up all my change just to cash it in the day before. This way I have a budget so I don’t spend my entire pay cheque on trinkets and ephemera from days gone by.

Each vendor has a unique display of merchandise ranging from cases of costume jewelry, coins and stamps to large scale vintage art, furnishings and figurines with prices varying from under a dollar to the thousands. The Kokeshi people always show up, this time with a collection of nodder dolls all with amazing detail. And the mid-century modern guy always says he’s going to bring more stuff.

costume jewelry

Kokeshi Dolls

We always get there right at 9am for the early bird entry. They let the riff-raff in at 10:30 at which time it becomes literally  impossible to move about not to mention all the good stuff is gone. I do a quick walk through perusing the tables making a mental note of all the things I want first. Then I decide which pieces I must have, weighing each one against the next, then quickly go back to purchase. The only draw back to this approach is sometimes the item you deemed a “must have” has already been scooped up by some other discerning collector.

Among the loot we walked away with this spring; a set of 24 bamboo etched glasses, a beautifully illustrated Matson route map, an old magazine called Paradise with a neat article on a real life cast away, and some tiny tiki mugs, all for a total of $44.00.

Bamboo etched glasses

Matson Route Map

Castaway article

If you’re into vintage collectables and love Hawaiiana this show is definitely for you. The next one is in October, I’m already making contributions to my changes jar. Get there early to avoid the crowd and for first dibs on the really  good stuff. For more information go to

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