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Thursday night in Chinatown

May 11, 2010

Thursday night out and about. We were some of the privileged few to be invited to the Jump Offs video party at the Contrast Magazine’s office. We headed downtown around 7:30 since the show was supposed to start at 8 sharp. In true rock n’ roll fashion the band was running late so we stopped in at the Mercury for a drink, or two. gnt

Ian grabbed a slice from jj dolans – truly the best pizza in town – and we headed upstairs to the party. We hung out, finally met the infamous Super CW who is rad, and had a couple drinks.

Finally about an hour later and after another couple of drinks the Jump Offs started playing. The office was small so the space was instantly packed with hipsters of all kinds, if you can imagine there is more than one type even on this little island. It was super cool, the band sounded great and with how many cameras there were in the room they’re bound to get some great footage.

Thanks again to Luke for inviting us and to Contrast Magazine for hosting. We were too tired to stay for the Grl Friends who are awesome but we’ll catch them another time. After all it was a school night

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